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Shoko no Ma
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Why did I start my own live event? It is just because I didn't have a chance to perform for my own band, KOKESHIDOLL. It looks like KOKESHIDOLL once made it big, even released CDs and DVDs then broke up with making a scene , but when we started out, KOKESHIDOLL was coming under severe criticism from the public. No need to say, none of the bands called us to book lives with them. We only had 2 choices. Either ask acquaintances like bad men hitting on women, "Hey, can we DO IT? Oh, come on, why not? You won't lose anything" or pay big bucks to rent a whole live house.
  Well, however, just as very few women says "Yes" to the bad men, it goes the same with the band. The successful rate to make it possible goes down, getting hungry, and money goes to fly. This have to be changed! Gotta do something! Oh hey. I can book my own event and book myself. I can ask many of my favorite bands to play for the event too. If spending the same money, might as well, booking my event would be much more fun! ...and that's how my thoughts ended up with my simple and faithful desire. And it also was the beginning for the Inundow live events.

Fujimi Rock Festival@ Ichigaya Hosei Daigaku Gakusei Kaikan Dai Hall

Featuring: KOKESHIDOLL, Tokyo Anal Boxing, Kimura Hideko BAND, Arushita Yui, Kawanishi An, HIroshi Ultra, Gokuraku Orai, Taiyo Koumon Supaparn, Totsuzen Danboru, Okokage Lucky Hall, Full Kaiten Mokuba, Kofun Club
What a nonesense event name. Isn't it supposed to be a FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL? But this was "FUJIMI ROCK FESTIVAL", held in Fujimi-cho, Chiyodaku, Tokyo. Freak band "Ningen" was supposed to be featured in this event, but they broke up, so Kawanishi An was called in. There was skits between the band performance and I, Inundow myself did perform a skit too. Some comedians called in cancel right before the event started. That day, I looked back myself and realized that I probably should not become a comedian. Gokuraku Orai had appeared in the mid of this event, but they were a theatrical group, not a band. I think my attempt was more like something abstract rather than a cut clear "rock festival."

Fujimi Rock Festival @ Shimokitazawa CLUB 251
Featuring:Ushakoda, The Syrrup, Suka Vibrators, Texaco Leatherman, Taiyo Koumon Supaparn, THE FOXYS
DJ: Nanno Kocchai Nishiyama

Although this event was moved to Shimokitazawa from Fujimicho, the event was still called "Fujimi Rock Festival. Sasaki Akihiro (a.k.a. Menraho no Akki) canceled in the last minuite, did not perform. They weren't able to perform as a group, they ???б寸???????寸???? asked to make a credit NOT as Menraho, but as a solo. They discussed what to do till the very last minute though, they ended up breaking up. As far as I remember, this night was the very first performance in Tokyo for Ushakoda, since 10 somehing years ago. It was hard to forget the scurrilous perfomance by Koichi Fujii (vo) and Taiyo Koumon Supaparn's performance with oil covered body.

Tengoku Chusha no Yube @ Ichigaya Hosei Daigaku Gakusei Kaikan Dai Hall

Featuring:KOKESHIDOLL, Tokyo Anal Boxing, Yuasawan, Oninko, Kanda Moli, Hawking Aoyama, Gyaatees, The Rest of Life, Semi
Didn't receive a good reputation for the naming of "Fujimi Rock Festival", the venue asked to change the name of the event. I couldn't come up with any better than this. I have such personal feeling for "Tengoku Chusha", I had to take a great deal of resolution to use it for my event. Although, the golden shit did not have a chance to make an appearance. The director kept bugging me, saying, No alcohol on the stage, do not be late for the stage, do not bring out children on the stage and so on. What a CRAP. Gyaatees was the best in this event. I can hardly forget about Semi, coming all the way from Hakata.

Tengoku Chusha no Yoru 2002 2days, the 2nd night @ Harajuku Crocodile

Featuring: Gokiburi Combinat, The Shibuyang, Oninko, Anadorei, BRAN, KOKESHIDOLL
A 2-day project event with Nihon Cassette Tape Recording. Inundow took a latter part of the event. I have chosen Gokiburi Combinat, KOKESHIDOLL, BRAN, and the other bands were all chosen by Nihon Cassette Tape Recording. It was quite a deep lineup, wasn't it. The performance by Gokiburi Combinat was memorable. Legend had it that 6 members had chained themselves, piercing their nasals.
Hirata Junichi of Shibuyang (vo.) also was excellent! Inundow wasn't up for planning events that year, none of the original event was held.

INUYASHIKI Vol.1 Inugoya no Ma @ Shinjuku D.O.M

Featuring: BRAN, Shippu Dotoru, Gokiburi Combinat, KOKESHIDOLL, KOKESHI Combinat
Inundow has asked to do an opening event for Shinjuku D.O.M. It turned out that the beginning of INUYASHIKI. New release live for BRAN, and it also was the first live in Tokyo for KOKESHIDOLL since they had released their first album "KOKESHISM." It ended up successful. When KOKESHI Combinat (KOKESHIDOLL + Gokiburi Combinat) had dustbins rolling into the floor with no warning, some audience got mad and got into the fight with the performer. As for this incident, there were pros and cons. Anyway, I still remember how it looked from the stage. About the fake puke that Gokiburi Combinat had used for this event, it later became a powder and kept coming out from the microphone of the Shinjuku D.O.M.

INUYASHIKI Vol.2 Ushigoya no Ma @ Nishiogikubo Nihiru-Ushi

Featuring: KOKESHI BAKABON, Adachi Katsunori, Fujiichi Fujiemon
Nihiru Ushi is the live house produced by Ishikawa Koji. I was invited to it's "Mardi Gras." Hizumezawa Yumiko had given a lecture on "How to make Inundow" , ended up quibbling over something like this; Record whatever's going to be played here today. And then if you make copies of it, you can release it as an "indies CD. No copyrights involved. Feel free to record it, release it. And a free recording and releasing was suggested, haven't heard from anyone about released the CD from this event's recording. KOKESHI BAKABON was the Karaoke unit of the KOKESHIDOLL.

INUYASHIKI Vol.3 Hitokui Kuma no Ma @ Namba Bears

Featuring: KOKESHIDOLL, BRAN, The Morlin, Edimarkon, EMICRANIA
Western Japan tour of KOKESHIDOLL and BRAN. Morley's PC had smashed up, so the selected members from KOKESHIDOLL and Morley's unit band, "The Morlin" was debut. KOKESHIDOLL had double sessions with 2 basist, Kyoki Mixer and Suhara Keizo (well-known for Gyuun Cassette and its works), all the way from Tokyo. As always, KOKESHIDOLL's performance was nothing but unexpected, My restlessness seemed to be beyond worry to laugh.

INUYASHIKI Vol.4 Kyuketsuki no Ma @ Kyoto Jittoku

Featuring:Vampire!, BRAN, KOKESHIDOLL
The 2nd day of the western Japan tour. Troubles seemed to happen repeatedly, Vampire!'s basist, Lion couldn't make it to the stage due to the injury. Vampire!'s performance was to be double-sessioned, but the only the 1st session was taken place. KOKESHIDOLL was hated by the audience so much, they didn't even move a bit. Hizumezawa had suparcharged his guitar with negative mind and threw it to the autience. The guitar, simply, died that night. The battle between the guitar and the table seats at Jittoku, the latter grabed the victory.

INUYASHIKI Vol.5 Kirin no Ma @ Kichijoji MANDA-LA2

Featuring:Suyama Kumiko, Okuma Wataru, Koma Keita, Sekizima Takero, COCKC'NELL, Saboten
 The memorial live for the Henshin Kirin's CD release. It was supposed to be the night that the one-night-only session for Henshin Kirin, but it eventually turned to 2004nen no Henshin Kirin. The venue was literally packed. Inundow was drinking beer, thinking "I don't have to play tonight, well then..." but when he found out what was going at the venue with crowds of audience, he was panicked. Saboten had started out their performance before the announced opening time. COCKC'NELL had Hayakawa Takeharu and Shishido Koji from out of the band. Then a cover band of Henshin Kirin featuring Suyama Kumiko taking a leading part. I was so much unlike the usual INUYASHIKI. It was suave, and deep night.

INUYASHIKI Vol.6 Kokeshi no Ma @ Shinjuku D.O.M

 The first and the last one-man stage by KOKESHIDOLL, with public live recording. It was a admission charge giveaway night for the audience with KOKESHI T-Shirt on. They were admitted only with drink fee. What a night. KOKESHIDOLL had played almost 1 hour, and the pig head was flying all over the venue. When everything was finished, back of my brief got dirty just like Gakideka.

INUYASHIKI Vol.8 Hatago no Ma @ Shinjuku D.O.M

Featuring:Ekimae Ryokan, Escalaters, Maria Kannon, KOKESHIDOLL, Kokeshidoll Show
The last live for KOKESHIDOLL, but the commemoration live for Ekimae Ryokan for releasing their new album. It really was a dreamy night. The whole thing was recorded and can be seen in DVD "Zessan Kaisanchu", please get it and watch it. For Kokeshidoll Show, the copy band of the Stalin, "Dengeki Footwork" from Fukushima and Morley Robertson, Aonuma from Shoujo Ningyo, Ginshiro from Miyama Gt. and Bunya from Ekimae Ryokan all played The Stalin songs.

INUYASHIKI Vol.9 Osuinu no Ma @ Shinjuku D.O.M

Featuring:Integrated Three, Mimi no koto, BRAN, ONINKO, INUNDOW + Miyama Gt.
A collaboration event with Austin Record, had Integrated Three and Mimi no koto for this event. A sudden decision was made to make an appearance of Inundow + Miyama Gt., that night. It became a night to forecast the prospects of INUYASHIKI after the loss of KOKESHIDOLL.

INUYASHIKI Vol.10 Real Cool Time no Ma @ Kyoto Taku Taku

Featuring:2004nen no Henshin Kirin (Suyama Kumiko, Okuma Wataru, Koma Keita, Sekizima Takero, Nakao Kanji), COCKC'NELL, Takayama Kenichi (Tsumetai Iki no Mama...)
The first day of 2004nen no Henshin kirin western Japan tour Anon wo Sagase! Henshin Kirin 25th Anniversary Event. Takayama (from Idiot) had opened. COCKC'NELL was cool as always, with Ikeda (COCKC'NELL) playing his guitar thoughout a setting time. Henshin Kirin cover band had Nakao playing with them, became a full scale band, named themselves as "2004nen no Henshin Kirin." It actually was the very first night "2004nen
no Henshin Kirin" had started their performance officially.
At the very end, 2004nen no Henshin Kirin had played "Boushi",
Idiot had jumped in, turned out the super session.

INUYASHIKI Vol.11 Ringo no Ma @ Kobe BIG APPLE

Featuring:2004nen no Henshin Kirin (Suyama Kumiko, Okuma Wataru, Koma Keita, Sekizima Takero, Nakao Kanji)
A live recording of 2004nen no Henshin Kirin. For Suyama lives in this area, the old time fans and young audience who would not probaly recognize the original Henshin Kirin was gathered. The performance was devided in two, but turned out to be three. I must say, the fans in Kobe did satisfied. This live performance was run a story on the front page of the paper, Kobe Shinbun in color, titled with "A revival of Punk in Western Japan." CD "Anon wo Sagase" features live performance from this event. I want you to listen.

INUYASHIKI Vol.12 Fushicho no Ma @ Ikebukuro Chop

Featuring: Yapoos, Oninko
The venue was PACKED! I guess the audience had such hard time breathing, although, it was great to realize that the night ???б寸???????寸???? had became a continuous stone for Yapoos as a band. It always happens to Yapoos live, opening was 30 min. delay, and the opening act of Oninko was started another 40min. later, then Yapoos started to play after 1 hour break from the end of the opening act. Yapoos' live was approximately 1 and half hours, but the band and the audience all got sweat, had a great time.

INUYASHIKI Vol.13 Kotobuki no Ma @ KichijojiMANDA-LA2

Featuring:2004nen no Henshin Kirin (Suyama Kumiko, Okuma Wataru, Koma Keita, Sekizima Takero, Nakao kanji), Hara Masumi, Saboten
 Commemorative live for 2004nen no Henshin Kirin's CD Release in Tokyo. Just like the like held in western Japan, the venue was packed. Saboten had opened for 2004nen no Henshin Kirin in the previous year, and so did in 2004. Their performance was so refreshing, just like running on the beach in the early summer. Hara Masumi must have an invisible tie with Hensin Kirin. He had played for the revival live of Tokyo Henshin Kirin before. He had played an adorable guitar, sang with such sweet voice. He gave us a chill.
Finally, the main feature of the night, 2004nen no Henshin Kirin appeared. Okuma's bizarre costume was perfect. Koma's guitar play was much more exciting than usual! Their performance was approximately 1 hour, and sure became an opportunity for them to consider what they could do from there. A party after the event with Honda, the original Henshin Kirin member was so much fun! I still remember clearly about a group of Philippina came out from the pub in the early morning.

INUYASHIKI Vol.14 Taiyo no Ma @ Ikebukuro Chop

Featuring: Taiyo Koumon Supaparn, Inundow + Miyama Gt., Chugakusei Kanoke, Azarashi (from Hokkaido)
Commemorative live for Taiyo Koumon Supaparn's same time 2 CD release. I gave them 1 hour for their performance, but they did it for 2. (Well, I expected them to be finished within 1 1/2 hours.) The naked men with briefs only mingled together, did acrobats and marching. All those macho performance was done by 20 naked men. I don't have a word to describe what I saw. Azarashi came all the way from Hokkaido, riding a local train for 16 hours. Swinging woodsword, bit off a mum flower, made a good performance. Kimusume, from Chugakusei Kanoke was wearing a thong, played a heavy doom sound with his face covered band memberes. I was wearing a rubber band for my teeth corrected, and spacemen from Planet Miyama was wearing Jinbei. Human vs. Spacemen collaboration worked well. Again, the tomorrow had to come on to the earth.

INUYASHIKI Vol.15 Fukusuke no Ma @ Kichijoji Star Pine's Cafe

Featuring:COCKC'NELL (Nogata Setsu, Ikeda Yoichiro, Ishiwatari Akihiro, Hayakawa Takeharu, Nakayama Tsutomu, Kondo Tatsuro), Katsurei, VJ:Iwashita Tatsuro
The 2nd day for COCKC'NELL to play in Tokyo. They had played for the music program "FACTORY" at Fuji Television on the previous day. Katsurei had performed little over 1 hour with maximum volume. I was touched by being able to listen "Ribbon no Kishi" and "Hikari Kagayaku Shoujo." COCKC'NELL played with a band, just like what they had done in March in Tokyo. Ikeda was playing on the chair in his previous performance, but this time, he got up and strum a guitar. You might have seen a sunset beyond him. A party was taken place at the nearby tavern "Fukusuke" till dawn. Again, we had seen the brightest sunshine in Kichijoji in the morning. But this time, we have missed the girls from the Phillippine bar by minutes. Maybe next time. Ishiwata whooped it up all night, it was quite memorable.

INUYASHIKI Vol.16 Kyuketsuki Futatabi no ma @ Shinjuku D.O.M

Featureing: Vampire, Amazon Saliva (HIDE + TABATA + SADOJIMA), Incapacitants, Il Conformista
The 25th anniversary live of Vampire! in Tokyo. Morley's new band, Il Conformista had quietly opened the event, Amazon Saliva brought it to the boiling point. It was Amazon Saliva's first day of their Japan Tour, so they were hyped-up. Antecedent would start dancing with them. We got jumped into the pool of noise with Incapacitants. Summer is for the ghosts and the noise, you know. Finally, the Vampire! came out to the stage. With the screaming voice of the vocal that hasn't changed a bit over 25 years, let's BON Dance! Oh, my back hurts! There were too much jelly served at the party. I mean it. TOO MUCH.

INUYASHIKI Vol.17 Kaiho Chiryo no Ma @ Ikebukuro Chop
Featuring: Shoujo Ningyo, Aka, Ningen Hormone, S.Ryushin (ex.SAMURAI), The Oyster and the Flying Fish
The reunion live of Shoujo Ningyo, Aka, and Ningen Hormone. Is it players or audience who needs to be cured? The Oyster played the cover song of Shoken, and S.Ryushin screamed out the spirits of Samurai calling out Oi! Oi! Relaxing sound of Ningen Hormone made me a ball-buster, got wet by looking at the playboyish Wataru, from Aka, the whole venue gets ripen. For some reason, I was the vocal of Shoujo Ningyo. I wore a black bottom, but topless. At the very last, everyone got up on the stage and played "Heishi to natte Senjo he Mukae!" It didn't matter who's supposed to be on the stage and who's not. I got a feeling, this might going to be a classic for INUYASHIKI! Although the curing time's over, the patients did not get cured. INUYASHIKI will keep trying to give them a treatment!

INUYASHIKI Vol.18 Guko Futatabi! no Ma @ Ikebukuro Chop
Featuring: Bill (assumed name), Punk Koudanshi Takeshima Teizan, Miyama Gt., Japonica '04, Ekimae Ryokan (from Okayama)
Bill (assumed name) debut! There also was an announcement of Takeshima Teizan's succession to his predecessor's name as a full-fledged master of Punk Koudan. AND also was a commemorative live for Miyama Gt. for releasing their 1st CD from Inundow. What did we want to do?? Master Takeshima painted his face completely white and showed the beginning of an spectacular rock opera "Icchan Ichidaiki." When he screamed "Chinpo dayo!" tears fell on audience's cheek...? A foreign black student, Bill was so much excited by his first live in Japan. Kubo Nisesatuhan with backcombed hair was struggling with a trashbag, looking for a sample of the new bill. A man who had stolen the sun, Japonica '04 used 1 meter long stick for the drums, taped their eyes to shut and play, even whipped the basist with the leather belt to dressage, made audience to cum. So the event went on. Looked Fantastic voyage in the spacemen from Planet Miyama. And the miracle does exist in Okayama. In their miraculous world, prairie chicken would fly and the sleepy 3nen netaro would work through the days. At the party after the event, I received a reputation as a "broken person." I don't remember a thing about the night though, do you call it lucky or unlucky?

INUYASHIKI Vol.19 Mononofu no Ma @ Ikebukuro Chop
Featuring: SAMURAI (S.RYUSHIN,DEN,VISHA), Aka, Slip Headbutt, Inundow + Miyama Gt.
The commemorative event for the release of revival CD for SAMURAI's "POINT 0" and "SELECT." Me and spacemen from Planet Miyama opened. The audience was extremely quiet and kept themselves COOL, I felt self destracted. It seemed like we were playing at away, not at home. Ha! Slip Headbutt warmed up the audience little bit, we got a chance to see men giving a french kiss on men. ORGY went on rampage for 50min. Aka appeared again from their reunion live in Septemeber. I could still smell their thick pheromone. Then, finally, SAMURAI got revitalized first time in 18 years. Adding to the 2 original members, VISHA (ex. Aka to Kuro, and more) participated to the band as a guitarist. Tonight was the night, dudes had been waiting for. S.Ryushin called out to us, "So, how's that? How would you like this!" I got chill, wet myself with my "men juice".

INUYASHIKI Vol.20 Tamahime no Ma @ LIQUIDROOM ebisu
Featuring: Yapoos (Togawa Jun, Nakahara Noburo, Yamaguchi Shinichi, Dennis Gun, Toda Seiji, Fukuma Tsukuru)
Long time no see, Yapoos' one-man live. Sorry for the delayed opening! It was way delayed over 105min! SORRY! However. 22 songs (+ 2 songs by Dennis recited on his own) in 2 hours with Yapoos was extremely densed, you might have satisfied very much. New songs like "Kenka Techno" should have made you to long for their new album! Togawa changed her wordrobe for 3 times (Belly dancer, lolita, and Barbara with probe) and the other members' wordrobe was like Self Defence Force uniform. Was it supposed to make them look political? 2 types of T-Shirts, designed by Togawa was sold on site, turned out to be very popular. A part of this night's performance is included in DVD "GALACTiKA 011." This issue is very much reccommended.

INUYASHIKI Vol.21 Hoido no Ma @ Ikebukuro Chop
Featuring: SAMURAI (S.RYUSHIN,DEN,VISHA), Blues Bimbos, Bill, CokeScrew (from Fukushima), Datenshi (from Fukushima)
The theme was "Inundow New Year Party", and it sure was a big new year party. It was 1 year memorial for KOKESHIDOLL's break up, and some members of 2 bands invited from Fukushima were playing in its special show. Bonds like this could be really interesting. So, who was the man stormed into Bill's show with Nurse's uniform? Now, that is Hoido! Blues Bimbos with Sada, a new vocalist, had cheered up the audience, they kept dancing heavenly with the new year's Samurai sound! It was the best new year party ever. The party went on after the show, I somehow got a shower of chili pepper on my head. What was that? For your information, "Hoido" is an dialect of Fukushima area. What does it mean? I will give you the same question as your homework!

INUYASHIKI Vol.22 Kodama no Ma @ Kichijoji MANDA-LA2
Featuring: Anon (Suyama Kumiko, Okuma Wataru, Koma Keita, Sekizima Takero, Nakao Kanji), COCKC'NELL (Nogata Setsu, Ikeda Yoichiro, Ishiwatari Akihiro, Hayakawa Takeharu, Nakayama Tsutomu)+VJ:Iwashita Tatsuro, Caramel Empties(from Berlin)
The very first live for Anon (ex.2004nen no Henshin Kirin) in Tokyo. It was a freezing cold rainy night, but the venue was packed. Caramel Empties from Berlin opened the show. They actually was the first band invited from overseas, but they were all born in Japan, so they speak Japanese very fluently. The sound was dynamic guitar-pop. They cheered the venue with cover songs of The Beatles and The Velvet Undercover. The next band was COCKC'NELL. Their last performance in Tokyo was last summer. They change composition and setup every time, so you can't miss it. Ikeda was concentrated on playing guitar without a laptop computer, Nogata also played guitar once in a while. They were cool as usual, however, very emotional. You should difinitely had experienced the 2005 version of COCKC'NELL. Then the last band was Anon. They played coversongs not only from Henshin Kirin, but also from Hamaguchi Kuranosuke, Luna Park, Ensemble, Eisler, Boris Vian. They also played the first original song, collaborated by Koma and Suyama. Those songs cannnot be played by anyone else but this band, gave us a great expectations for the future of this band.

INUYASHIKI Vol.23 Akkusei Shinseibutsu no Ma @ Ikebukuro Chop
Featuring: Oshiri Penpens, Azarashi (from Hokkaido), Chugakusei Kanoke, Bill, Bran
The theme was "Shunki Kyoiku Iinkai", the crazy educational organization in spring. It turned out to be really crazy. Bran opened the show, they were full of spirit. A black man continued the show, and I found some actually came just to see him, that is crazy. My Fundoshi underwear was loose, I could hardly hold onto the thermin. Then Azarashi came along. Their last performance in Tokyo was on Inuyashiki last summer. Wooden sword and mum floweres were still symbolic, but moreover, they were so much better than last year. Chugakusei Kanoke had minor member change with gal basist. Their sounded like, as if they were stepping into the heavier and darker zone. They were GREAT. The last band was Oshiri Penpens from Osaka. Though Motako had dislocated his arm, though he collapsed a part of the wall, it is no surprize for Oshiri Penpens. The warm spring night filled with questions of Motako, it is rather O.K. to see some craziness growing without noticing.


Vol.24 Guko Mitabi no Ma "Wild de Chinpo!"
2005.5.3 (Tue.) @ Ikebukuro Chop
Featuring: Gokiburi Combinat, Iede Shonen (from Kobe), Sentimental Debabocho, Bill, Takeshima Teizan Group
OPEN / 18:00 START / 18:30 advance&door 2000yen (plus Drink Fee)
*Inuyashiki is coming in the middle of the Golden Week! Look at this stupidity! E-mail to Inundow for reservation!

Good news for the patients with in need for cure! "Kaiho Chiryo no Ma" is comin g back in this summer! Details to be announced later!

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