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Inundow the Origin

My Life as an Inundow


I finally became "Inundow."
I didn't have any other choices to be.
I tried to act, tried to publish, tried to engrave copperplates. I had tried whatever I could, but I made nothing out of them.
I have "Inundow", but it's nothing like a professional business.
I had learned a bit about the music business when I was working on salary.
But I am not through yet.
I still have a dream.
Yes, a DREAM...

Well, it was 20 something years ago... There was a band, The Stalin.
A guy named Endo Michiro started it, but he decided that he didn't want to go on any longer, so the band broke up.
When The Stalin started out, they could count the numbers of audience by their fingers.
But it turned out that they were able to gather 2000 audiences by the time they broke up...

Man Hey, I think I'm gonna start a copy the band, The Stalin. It sounds good, doesn't it?
Then I thought, there will be a people coming to see us from everywhere when we play.
I'd display CDs and DVDs on a table for sale, maybe some zines too, to diversify my business.
Woman Huh! When in the hell your CD's gonna be a breakthrough?
None of your CDs had ever made it to that point.
Man Now, listen,
Compare to the old times, even copy bands can gather decent numbers of audience in these days.
Old punks,
the NEET,
people in the music business,
people working for a record shop.
I think I can manage to make it this time.
Woman But, think. How much do you think it will cost to make your copy band's CD?
Man Well, it's gonna be about 500 thou or something like that.
I will do the manufacture part myself.
Woman Ha!
Man Listen to me seriously.
Woman It's a total bogus, you know that? Where do you think you have 500 thou?
You had never even bought me a cup of Haagen-Dazs.
You say that it wouldn't cost much if you pack CDs by yourself, or it wouldn't cost much if you press CDs in Taiwan,
you can't do that, you cheapskate.
You tried copperplate engravings, 'cause someone had kissed your ass to do that. Then what happened was, you couldn't sell any of them.
You named a naughty title to your zines and dropped your reputations in society.
When you did a play, you came home with tickets, a quota,
then you started "Inundow",
and now, a copy band. You are getting worse and worse.
Even a stray dog can do better.
At an auction house
Man Please go ahead.
Chairman Next, "Kokeshism", by Kokeshidoll.
Man his heart's pounding
Chairman One-thousand yen.
Man One-thou!?
Chairman "Go Go Kokeshidoll" for two-thousand yen.
Man Wait, it's at least worth 2,500yen.
Auction house Assistant Sir, you are not suppose to tell the chairman what to do, you are a newcomer.Remember?
Chairman Next, two thousand eight hundered yen.
"Zessan Seisanchu!!", two thousand eight hundred yen. Ladies? Gentlemen?
You've got money, how come you don't spend it?
Fine,then. Two thousand yen!
No? Damn it, one thousand, how about that!
Chairman spanks auction table with a rolled paper.


Excuse us, sir, this is no place for a bargain sale.
None of the auction drops the price.
Chairman Oh that's right.
O.K. then, next one is one thou as well,
it's only one thousand yen,
come on, someone say something!
Buyers No one speaks out, they don't even cough.
Buyers It's just like a wake.
Buyers Copy band, huh? Anyone can do that. Why spend money on that kinda thing.
Chairman We are through with Kokeshidoll. Next!
So the auction ended...
Woman Are you going to ask the courier to send these CDs back home?
It did cost us two thou for 2 boxes already.
We had lost 17,000yen for the seats and lunch for this auction.
Why don't you just throw those shits away!
Man I made these sacrificing 4years of my life.
I'll take them home with me.
Woman I had enough with your copy band! Said she throw CDs.
Damn it! Damn! And she scatters CDs everywhere.
Why do you do this me?
I had to go through so much, I can't take it any more.
I knew that. I knew that you didn't take your acting carrer seriously, neither publishing, I knew that.
Are you doing this on purpose?
Why? Why do you do this to me?
What is left to you is "Inundow", that's all.
Kid Weep, Weep
Woman Go do your own "Inundow", I don't mind if we don't get any orders, you idiot!
Kid You idiot!
Doooong...Lingering sound of a ruthless bell.

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